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Zreya Wealth

Financial Partner, For Common Man.

Leveraging technology with the human touch is what the company practice, aimed at building a financially literate Bharat.

Build a stable financial base now, and for the future.

Setting short-term, midterm, and long-term financial goals is an important step toward becoming financially secure. If you aren’t working toward anything specific, you’re likely to spend more than you should. Even the most prudent person can’t prepare against every crisis, as the world learned in the pandemic and many families learn every month. What thinking ahead does is give you a chance to work through things that could happen and do your best to prepare for them.

Create your financial health report and see the big picture. Get a deeper understanding of how your money is performing and create a roadmap to realize your dreams.

SOE Care - Tele Medics

Telemedicine with a Human Connection.

  • At-home doctor appointments
  • Mobile diagnostic testing
  • On-site administration of therapeutics
  • Mobile phlebotomy services
  • All empowered by cutting-edge technology


SecondOpinionExpert, Inc., through our cutting-edge web technology platform XperTeleConsult™, changes the face of cost-effective medical consultation and preventative care by reducing the abundance of misdiagnoses and eliminating the exorbitant cost of unwarranted and avoidable medical expenses, SecondOpinionExpert is revolutionizing health care delivery supply chain.

  • Streamlines the process of obtaining a medical second opinion.
  • Connects patients with independent, expert physicians.
  • Innovative technology platform synthesizes medical data into a convenient report and efficiently delivers it to physicians.


Legal Practice and Management Made Easy!

Everything in one place: cases, tasks, payments, team chat, video conferencing, documents and more.

StackDocket offers a collection of cloud-based software for lawyers – legal research, notifications, and task management – for practitioners to accomplish research goals and completion tasks quickly and efficiently in a way that is adaptable to their unique needs.

Automation is key to smarter legal practice. StackDocket’s automation and workflow tools make form-based practice areas smarter.


Frientap where you can review, react & transact on products that your friends love!

Find Your Expert, Store & Review. Find your next product recommendation from the expert within your network. Buy friends’ favorite products from their favorite stores. Read reviews from known people both inside and outside of your network.


MicrosanConsultancy, Inc. led by Mr. Vishnu Sivadas, CEO & President, in partnership with IGDS implementation was instrumental in developing and rolling out Elcamino | EHRZip, a system to connect healthcare providers to bring the best care to the patients in the ever – changing healthcare environment.

The Finest EMR Platform

EHRZip offers lightweight and simple to use EMR is the solution to the healthcare of tomorrow. The dynamic and customizable templates and ICD 10 database will create a seamless workflow environment.

Reinventing Healthcare, Staying Connected.

  • Cost Effective – With EHRZip implementation, up to 28 patients can be seen in a day with a 40 hr work week.
  • Safe and Secure – Elcamino EhrZip is committed to protect the health information. All the patient records are HIPAA compliant.
  • Improved Efficiency – Combining patient information from multiple physicians / sources leads to better clinical decisions.
  • Streamlines Clinical Workflow and Eliminate Redundancy – EHRZip implementation facilitates physicians to improve FTE to physician ratio to 3:2 from 4:1 by streamlining all the communications for clinical and administrative tasks between Physician, Medical Assistant and Medical Receptionist.

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